During the summer, reading may not be a high priority for children, but with fun and engaging books and activities, children can be more motivated to read over the summer. It's especially critical this summer to keep children reading so they can retain the skills and knowledge they gained from the previous school year. In this newsletter, you'll find RIF's favorite summer reading resources and programs inspire reading for all families.

Five Resources to Support Summer Reading

Make summer reading fun for children with our top five digital resources, including book collections, puzzles, tip guides and live read-alouds.

  1. Visit our new Independent Reading Center to inspire kids to explore books, activities, and puzzles related to things they are interested in, from animals and art to inventions and nature.
  2. Children can have a summer full of reading and exploration with Skybrary, our online library of nearly 1,000 children's books and video field trips.
  3. Download our quick guide for families with 10 helpful tips for reducing the summer slide and encouraging children to read all summer long.
  4. Browse our Soar Into Summer Reading Collections in Literacy Central for Pre-K - 3rd Grade or 4th - 8th Grade.
  5. Kick off every morning at 9am with a live RIF read-aloud of favorite children's books on Facebook.

Explore the Animal Kingdom Island in Skybrary

Explore Skybrary's Animal Kingdom island, one of the seven themed "islands" in Skybrary. This island features both non-fiction and fiction books about animals, zoologists, and more. Watch the video to learn more about Skybrary and its features.

Our Mission to Get Books to Children

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, RIF has delivered thousands of books to children nationwide since the pandemic began. Help us continue to get books to children this summer so they are inspired to read and learn.

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Reading Program for Continuity of Learning

Read for Success, a supplemental reading program, is designed to improve reading proficiency and encourage a passion for reading. The program includes themed book collections with books to read aloud, paired activities, and age-appropriate books for students that encourage independent reading. To learn more about Read for Success and discuss how it can work for your program, contact Margot Ziperman.

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